Friday, May 15, 2009

duck not dog....

They eat some really strange food here. A group of us went out to lunch today and they had the portable grills out and then they put meat on one grill and another really spicy meat that looked like chicken on the other. I was sitting on the non spicy side. I was told by a girl who has been here for a few days that speaks good English that the meat was duck...but the korean accent makes it sound like dog. i was like dog? She clarified the bird kind which made me feel better. I know my mom and dad are happy that I tried duck. It is definitely not something that I want again. It had a consistency that was almost octopus leg...and had some fat on it too...and even when dipped in a sauce I really didn't like it. Ah well. 

We came back to the center and dropped off some people before changing vehicles and going to see a movie! The girl who speaks good English wanted to see Angels and Demons so that is the movie that we went to see but we were almost late! Turns out in korean movie theaters they actually assign you seats. I would not like this at all because i like to pick my seats based on being away from other people especially little kids, and usually towards the back and center. Half of the fun of going to a movie is picking your seat!! I do see how it could be nice if a movie is full and you are going with other people this enables you to know you can have seats next to each other. 

I tend to judge movies on a few factors, and one of them is number of watch checks. That means number of times I looked at my watch and calculated how much time might be left in the movie. I did not check the time one single time. The movie went by really quickly. I also did not recognize Ewan McGregor at all in his role. It wasn't until after the movie was over and I came back and looked online that I realized it was him. He did a great job. Don't go see the movie if you had no previous's not the type where its like "oh my god you have to go see that movie!" but if you wanted to see it, I would say go watch it. I'm happy I saw it. 

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