Monday, May 4, 2009

Wow it's been a while!

Oops, definitely didn't mean to go this long without a blog entry! I actually wrote a draft but had to go to a meal so I saved the draft and forgot to publish it. 

Things have been going really well lately. My roommate Yi Sul left on Wednesday to go back to Seoul and comes back on Monday. She has some sort of school trip that she has to go on. It's nice to have the room to myself! Really really nice. 

Earlier this week we went to a spot known as "the end of earth" because I guess it is the southern most tip on the Korean peninsula that does not include all the islands. It was truly beautiful there! I tried to take a ton of pictures, but I do not think that even they do any justice to the area. Pictures will be posted later as the room is dark right so I can't find the thing I use to upload my photos. 

I taught at the middle school alone on Wednesday which was scary. As much as I teach the class without much help from Yi Sul, she is always there for translation help but this time I didn't have that. At first I was planning on doing a unit on airports, but it was too complicated without her help translating, so I switched to a unit on riding a bus. I have been coming up with situations that I have encountered in Korea where I wish that I knew what to say in Korean, and I am teaching the kids how to say the phrases in English. I even made out this whole bus system throughout America (kinda like a greyhound) and wrote down on pieces of paper different information about where they were going. I also planned out bus schedule times and transfer locations to make it hard, but they got really good at it by the end! I was a proud mama. Next two units will be airports and restaurants. 

Lately haven't had many classes. There have been a lot of days of no school because of various holidays and mid term exams meaning I have only taught a total of 3 classes this week. Today is "parents day" in Korea and it seems like not that much happens on parents of my hosts kids the middle child was supposed to give his father a carnation but was too busy studying for mid terms to do that. We went out to lunch and saw a very pregnant woman with what I assume are her parents, and my host father said that it was probably a woman treating her parents to lunch for parents day. CVS/Hallmark has not taken over Korea yet to make the holiday something bigger :) 

No plans for the weekend that I know of, but usually the plans tend to be not scheduled and I never know until they are happening. I leave here in less than 12 days..I can't believe how fast time is going, and how sad I am going to be to leave. 


^So picturesque!
^Houses here right in front of the door have this little cut out from the floor where you take off your shoes. I know it looks like a wood floor but its really just like wall not real. Kinda threw me when I discovered that the first day.
^More beauty
^Me, my host family, and another woman from the community with her daughter who is one of my students.
^Me and Ji-In. 

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