Thursday, April 30, 2009


A couple of days ago the elementary schoolers all went on a picnic, so a few other adults in the community and I along with Yi Sul and Moksanim my host went along with them. At first it was a bit confusing because I thought we were going in Mr. Park (he is the widowed father of the 3 year old and 5 year old)'s car, but then 3 of the women I see almost every day told me to get into their SUV. Yi Sul had not come out of the room yet so I was confused but then Yi Sul came out and explained that the women wanted to take me somewhere first. 

Apparently it was the birthday of a famous general that day, and there's a monument in my town dedicated to him, so they showed me that. There were a lot of steps to climb up, and at the top women in hanbok were lined up on both sides clapping as people arrived. 

Then we went to the picnic where they put down a large mat and we ate very typical Korean foods except we also had fried chicken. It's funny to see people use chopsticks with fried chicken, especially legs since for us it is just finger food. 

Not much else to report. I have less than 3 weeks left in Haenam. I really wish that there was a viable way for me to stay here, and there is one project available that seems interesting, but I think I would just be giving up too much to stay here including my sister's graduation and getting a job with money this summer. In the end I think it is just too much to lose, but I really wish I could stay. I definitely hope that there is a way I will be able to come back to this country. I will miss it every day. I have grown up so much here, experienced a whole new culture which I just adore, and even though its the complete opposite of America and the American culture, I have come to see that it is just as viable as ours. I really adore this country. 

Okay picture time :) 

^Che Ui age 3. She doesn't smile much and she's incredibly shy. 
^As we were driving we passed some horses! At least one thing looks the same in Korea and America :) 
^We went to an aquarium where there were some fish, but the rest of the animals were all plastic/not alive it was a really sad aquarium. 
^Che again and she is with a woman from our community who has almost become like a mother figure to her. She is also the woman I have become the closest to in the community. She speaks only about 4 words of English, but we play Sudoku together and eat many meals together. She cooks all the meals when we eat at the center. 
^Yi Sul and Che at the picnic. Che did NOT want to look up at the camera. She's pretty camera shy

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