Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it's a go!

I am officially going to be in Seoul from Friday early until Wednesday! All I have to pay for is my hotel room Sunday night, and then the ticket to the amusement park which is 35,000 won, or $26. I just received my monthly "pocket money" of 100,000 which is going to be used on this trip. 

I am currently trying to find a hotel to stay at. There are a lot of hotels and some pretty cheap ones, but I'm trying to find the best value that is in Seoul (lots of hotels in Seoul!). unfortunately is not working for me as i was trying to see if i could find one with a aaa rate. still working on that right now. 

But I am very excited to be in Seoul for so long! American food here I come! :) 

edit: forgot to mention...for lunch we went to this place and had beef!!! There were some cool statues outside of the restaurant made of weird things like car parts etc. 

^Yi Sul decided to hop on one of the statue/things. 
^Apology for the faint of heart. That's how you grill in Korea...its a portable gas grill and you do it yourself.Notice how small the beef pieces are. That is very common.


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