Tuesday, April 14, 2009

seoul trip MIGHT be longer than originally thought...

Originally I thought that I would be staying in Seoul until either Sunday or Monday....but it turns out it might be longer! I was asked if I wanted to go with the middle school on a field trip Monday through Wednesday, but i was never told where it was even by those who knew i was going to seoul, and since i didnt know if i was coming back sunday or monday, i said no i couldnt do it because i thought it would be too much to go to seoul and then the next day go on another trip. 

turns out this "field trip" is actually going to Seoul! I'm going to talk to the principal of the middle school tomorrow and see if I can still go and just meet them in Seoul. I also have to find out if indeed I can, if I will have a place to sleep provided or if i need to stay in a hotel for those nights because if i need a hotel room, then i might not be able to do it just because of finances.

Oh and did I mention that one day of the trip is to an amusement park? Yeah. I really want to go :) :) :) 

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