Thursday, April 9, 2009

what great weather!

To anyone even considering visiting Korea (not saying while im here...just in general) make sure you do it in late march - april. the weather is absolutely spectacular. It has not really rained here... maybe twice and both were extremely inconsequential. Even when its semi-cloudy here, the sun is still shining and you can feel the warmth. I am sitting in my room in a t-shirt and my jeans and was walking around completely comfortable. Granted, everyone else thinks im crazy...but I don't think they will be wearing t-shirts until its 80 degrees out, and even that is a question. It is probably in the mid 60s here....and the sun is shining down so it feels even warmer. Granted, i wouldnt walk around outside in just the t-shirt all day, but for just going outside to go between places, its perfect. 

i know, i know what you're going to say... im a hot box i always have been...however im not even a little chilly. sometimes i'll be in a t-shirt and be a little chilly but thats it...but its not even like that here. its just plain old nice. 

not much happening. my kids are really getting into baseball. i will see them play baseball outside even not while in class...and using the terms i taught them!! I also had a really amazing moment, where the father of the 5 year old that i teach told everyone around how much his son loves my class and is always trying to speak to him in english with what little i've taught them, and how interested he is in english now and loves going to class.

I really am seeing improvement in all of the kids. I remember in the first week I was here trying to get the middle schoolers to talk in english and say ANYTHING that they knew, and only having one of the kids be able to say anything... and now i can have little conversations with pretty much all of them. its truly remarkable. 


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