Monday, April 13, 2009

this coming weekend

This coming weekend I am going to Seoul again! My sister's friend Jessica who is in Seoul for work invited me last time I was there to come join her this coming weekend and stay in her hotel room since her husband is gone and see the cherry blossom festival that is happening. I will be leaving Friday, and and staying with her through Sunday morning when she has a flight back to Denmark. I will either go back to Haenam Sunday or Monday (if i stayed until monday, i would stay at the youth hostel that I am fond of) I have not decided yet. 

Today for some reason there is no school at the middle school, so I do not have to teach that class, making today be a really easy day complete with only one class which is a good thing because I could NOT fall asleep last night. There was a mosquito in the room and I heard its buzzing in my ear at one point. Mosquitoes absolutely adore me, so I was convinced that it would bite me, and I guess that nervousness converted into not being able to sleep. 

Oh..Easter in Korea. Went to 2 different church services, one at the church right next to where I live, and the other at the middle school where all the churches from the town got together for one big service. No easter egg hunts or anything festive. It's more about the religion part of it here. I asked about eggs to Yi Sul who said that yes sometimes they do make eggs we just didn't eat any today. No easter egg hunts in Korea. Poor kids. 

There was a lot of singing that was quite pretty at the second service. Then towards the end the different pastors/whatever of the churches spoke/gave a sermon I guess. A couple of them were practically screaming into the microphone. It hurt my ears but nobody else seemed to care. A lot of the women were wearing white hanbok which is a traditional Korean dress and is quite stunning. They wear them on special holidays...I guess something about Easter means that its white...but other hanbok i have seen are quite colourful and beautiful. There are also special shoes that they wear with the hanbok. I was going to try to take a picture of a woman wearing it, but Yi Sul wasn't around to translate and I felt awkward just taking a picture. Maybe I'll get to take another picture of hanbok. I think at one point they are going to have me wear it!

If you want a big surprise, watch this clip.

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