Sunday, April 5, 2009


As all of you know, last year I went biking pretty much every day and absolutely adored it until I fell off my bike and sustained nerve damage along with I guess an initial separated shoulder thus ending my biking for the fall of 2008. When I came here to Haenam, my shoulder was completely healed, and I knew that our hosts had a bike i could borrow, so I decided to make use of it and finally yesterday started biking again. It feels so great! I went yesterday and brought my camera but forgot the memory card in the card reader. I went back today and took some pictures of my town and the place I went biking to. It's not a great day today, the clouds are low and you can't see that far, but I still managed some pretty cool photographs. At least it will give you more of an idea of where I live! Oh and in about 45 minutes I will be going somewhere with my hosts to see cherry blossoms!!! I can't wait. 

^The van that takes us everywhere! Apparently there is a possibility of 11 seats but usually it just has 8. 
^The dogs that guard the base of the driveway. They are not ours. I have never seen them out of the cages which is really sad. The one on the right growls and barks whenever anyone walks by. Not very friendly. There is a baby dog in the left cage that I have never seen there before! It's really cute.
^One of the streets in my town. 
^Me! Hello. Not interesting background and sorry for the hair... I was biking after all :) (well not at that moment but you know)

^Pretty much like the main street in my town. Has lots of little shops where you can pretty much buy what you need to of the essentials. Anything else you go to Mokpo for. 
^Another street in my town.
^Jindo bridge! It's really beautiful when the sun is out and its a nice day.
^View of my town from across the water.
^taken while biking but its just the shore line.

So we went to this beautiful, peaceful area about 45 minutes away from my little town. There is a famous temple there and very traditional Korean architecture. Also lots of cherry blossoms and beautiful scenery. It was quite magnificent! And a warm day too. I managed to be in just a t-shirt and jeans the entire time and was fine!
^So pretty!
^L to R, Samonim, Moksanim's mother, Moksanim (aka my hosts and host's mother who also lives in the house.
^L to R: Me (duh), Yi Sul, Samonim, and one of my elementary school kids' mother who also does all the cooking when we eat in the center. She is a sweet woman. 
^This picture and the next one were taken to explain the macro setting on my camera to Moksanim, but the pictures turned out amazing so im posting them! This one the focus is on the near blossom.

^Same exact place, but without the macro setting on, meaning the camera focused on the ones in the back. Cool huh?!

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