Monday, April 6, 2009

no biking today :(

No biking today unfortunately. We went out for lunch today, and we had pork! Yes, i know, i know, at home I don't eat pork, but it was one of the concessions I had to make regarding coming to Korea since they eat a lot of it, and i can stand it more than fish. Anyways it was done BBQ style and was really good. We had "salad" which i was excited for, until i tasted a bit and I almost died. It had a LOT of wasabi sauce on it. So much for that! 

Oh and before lunch when we gathered in our hosts house, they told me that my package came! THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!! They gave me goodies that i love!!! They sent some swedish fish, goldfish, ritz bits crackers (Cheese!), chocolate covered matzah, and ANNIES MAC AND CHEESE the kind where you just put it into a bowl and put in boiling water the instant kind. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I couldn't stop smiling all the way to lunch. 

Oh and then during lunch our host asked if we ate pork intestine in the states. Yeah turns out thats what we were eating. It was giant strips of it that we put onto the gas-bbq thing. It was good though....but very fatty so stripping off all the fat was difficult. 

After lunch we went across Jindo bridge (the bridge i posted pictures of) and to some scenic sites. I was disappointed I didn't bring my camera as we saw some truly beautiful places. 

When we go back I asked to speak to the host, during which time I told him the basics of the argument between my roommate and I, and then he sat us both down to come up with some rules. I am REALLLLY happy with these new rules. After 10pm, no noise/no lights are allowed to be on. This means she cannot study in the room after 10pm. Also means i cannot use the computer, however that is okay wtih me as usually by that time I am asleep. If need be, I can just use my ipod touch! She had to give me drawer space since she used up both drawers, and on top of the little table she had to move over her stuff to give me space on that counter as well. I had to neaten up my space, but that was fine as I actually had places to put my stuff. 

Oh and I don't have to wear headphones before 10pm. I will sometimes, but I am allowed to also play it softly if I want. I am really happy with these new rules, and I can tell that Yi Sul is not, but it is a fair compromise. I think she is just used to getting everything the way she wants, so she is not used to compromise. Compromise for her is the other person doing exactly as she wants. 

Okay almost time for me to go to the middle school. 


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