Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today was a massive church event for my town where all the different church communities came together for a massive picnic. Since it was also during church time, they kind of had an outdoor service, but it was right at a giant playground, so I got to play with all the kids. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, there was not a cloud in the sky, it was probably in the low 70s with a wind to keep you cool. I really felt like a kid again, and sometimes you need to do that. I got to go on the swings and just have fun with the kids. At one point some of the kids were having a very small contest to see who could jump off the swings the farthest (it was in sand). I used to do that with my friends in Toronto so it made me very nostalgic. To top it all off, lunch at the picnic was bulgogi! What a perfect day. I don't think I will forget it for a long time. WARNING: more photos than you ever wanted to see :) 

^Left to right. San-been (he's the youngest son of my hosts), Che, Che's brother Chan on the see-saw. we all had a lot of fun on them including me! Oh the boy on the farthest right is not one of my students. 
^All the kids surrounding the watermelon. All but one of the kids are my students, all of them in elementary school, two are in the upper elementary class.
^On the left in the front is Yu-Jin (pronounced like Eugene) and on the right is my host's eldest son Han-Been. They are best friends.
^During the jumping off the swings competition. All the kids pictured are in my middle school class.
^The silver you see is a kind of mat that comes in a giant roll that they put down when we eat outside. The tiny cups are what we drink out of...and most people dont even get seconds. Actually its rare to see people drink at all, but today they had some juice and soda so we had cups.
^This is tteok. its a kind of cake made out of rice I guess. It's a very slippery surface so it kinda feels weird. I also don't like the taste of it :( The kids seem to love it though as do adults. It's usually eaten as a snack before a meal or during a meal.
^My soup is to the left of the picture. In the middle is the plate (finished almost) of bulgogi. Forgot to take this picture when it was a full plate. This was shared amongst 4 people.
^Ji-in and che is to her right.
^Apparently there were about 400 people at the giant picnic. Each group brought their own food etc. 
^Little kids on the swings. Behind Che (the girl on the swing on the right side of the picture) pushing her is Un-ah the daughter of my hosts. I believe this is the first picture I have taken of her. 

In 2 weeks I will be back in the states at home...its unbelievable how fast this time went.


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