Saturday, February 14, 2009

a bit of a phew

No, I didn't find my passport, but it turns out that I don't need a VISA to go on my trip. Its only if you are there for 90 days or more, and I'm going to be in South Korea for 81 days. I might want to extend my trip too, so i have 8 days that I can hang out there before I HAVE to leave. 

I got my birth certificate today because I need that to get my passport which is happening on Wednesday (it's an expedited process for those who are leaving the country in a short time/need visas). Unfortunately it's going to cost me a LOT of money. Guess that will teach me for losing my passport. 

Yesterday my parents and I went out for Korean at a Korean BBQ restaurant where I had poterry bi bim bop (it has rice and small bits of beef and some vegetables) and the bowl that it is in is REALLY hot and it actually cooks the rice a bit and makes it ... semi crunchy? Hard to explain. Google it to find out more. You mix in everything together and it was really good. 

After the restaurant we went to LLBean to go shopping for some stuff. We bought a mattress pad thing for me to sleep on (we sleep in sleeping bags). We also looked at backpacks (I'm going to need a big one for bringing with me on the plane and then for weekend excursions) and bought me this nice jacket which will be the only jacket that I take. 

Only 16 days and 11 hours until I leave!!!


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