Thursday, February 12, 2009

Freaking out

My ability to lose everything has come back to haunt me now in a horrible way. I needed my passport because the confirmation slip for going to South Korea required the passport number. I filled out this confirmation slip on my computer on the couch in the family room. Now, I cannot find my passport. 

I have looked everywhere for it. I looked in my car (which actually for once is really clean!), we took apart the couch, I looked in my bedroom, etc to no avail. I keep hoping that its going to show up somewhere, but it has not. Now I have to go get my birth certificate from Boston, get a new passport, and get my visa after that. I only have 17 days. I'm really worried about if this can all be done in time. I don't have an appointment to get my new passport for a week (but I'm doing it at this place where you bring everything including passport photos and you actually get your passport that day .. its for people who are leaving the country soon). This is all going to be extremely costly. 

I know my passport is going to show up somewhere, but it will probably be after I come back from my trip. Please everyone cross your fingers for me that it shows up today. 


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