Thursday, February 26, 2009

What I'm doing in South Korea

I really have yet to talk about what I will be doing in South Korea, so I decided to copy paste exactly what I was told by the organization. 

About the Project

The project is aimed at developing programs for the local children, especially on English and cultural exchanges. The local area is not very far from the city but the local children there have less opportunity to learn foreign languages and experience different cultures due to their family situations. Children in the center vary from age 5 to 15. Children under the age of 8 come to the center in the morning and stay until the afternoon. Children with age from 8 to 15 stay in the center from 2 to 8 p.m. Volunteers will organize their own cultural and educational programs for these children such as art, music, English, mathematics, hiking, cooking, play and others. Any kind of activities and ideas will be welcomed by the host organization as long as they provide the local children the opportunities of cultural exchange. The local children are very open and interested about different countries in the world. You will also visit local school once a week to run a culture program. Moreover, you will experience local farming and have a small picnic with children in the local area. 

  • Volunteers will mainly ...

            1. Lead English conversation class :

            Using games, music, role-play or any other creative methods.

            2. Organize club activities :

            You may organize club activities (eg. dancing, singing, games whatever you like to teach).  

I really wasn't told much more than this. Luckily I have family friends whose business is ESL and they had a lot of material for me that I will take over to South Korea to help me teach the kids english. I also have some fun games that I will bring as well. I downloaded some songs onto my IPod like the Cotton Eyed Joe and the Electric Slide (yes i know they are old, but I think it will be fun to teach them the dances). I really don't know any other kind of dances... but does anyone have any ideas? Oh and I downloaded the Star Spangled Banner onto my ipod touch sung by Whitney Houston as something else to play for the kids. 

Does anyone have any more ideas as to what to do with the kids? I really don't know ages or how much English they speak which makes this hard. 

Alright well thanks for reading this long post! 3 days, 20 hours until I leave. Wow. Just wow. 


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