Thursday, February 19, 2009

to do list updated

-Doctors appointment (happening tomorrow at 10:50 am)  + get tetanus shot (UGHHHH) - DONE!
-E-mail/contact dean about coming back to UMass in the Fall (due date is April, and I'll be away obviously)  - DONE! 
-Buy a larger purse that can zip (I have a very small one, and it would be helpful to have a purse I can put more things in - DONE!
-Figure out the camera situation - DONE (parents bought a small camera that I am borrowing for the 3 months)
-Go shopping with my sister for more clothing to wear (need to be more conservative in what I wear)- DONE!
-Get info sheet regarding trip (supposed to be mailed this week) - DONE
-Parents want me to get a living will, and a medical power of attorney. - we got the sheet for the power of attorney but i need to fill out that and the living will 
-Bill payer - put automatic transfers from my bank into my bank of america card every month i'm gone  - DONE... except for the last month which i cant do yet its too far away :( 
-Buy a Korean phrase book and also maybe another book about culture/etc - DONE!
-Go to the really cheap bookstore Mom has talked about to buy cheap paperbacks to bring with me
-still need to go to the bookstore
-return the mattress pad to LLBean (we got a different cheaper in cost one) - DONE
-go shopping with Kira on Saturday (yay for my sister being home!) - DONE
-figure out how to use a skype like product on my ipod touch - DONE
-buy a new purse (I have an impossibly small one) - DONE!
-put movies onto my ipod touch for the flight 

wow I leave in less than 12 days... it's insane how fast time is flying but I am getting a lot done for the trip which is good. 



  1. a living will? hell, i dont even have that and i'm living in a fucking war zone. kinda freaky.

    if you'd be interested in a purse like my ones that my mom made, you should ask her. it's big enough to hold just about everything, but it doesn't zip. she might be able to figure out a zipper though. you'd just have to pick out the fabric and stuff.

  2. i dont think ive ever seen the purses that your mom makes. i think i need a leather like one though because its gonna be raining while im there so yeah.

    its my parents that want me to have the living will it wasnt my idea.