Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plans for this week

This blog has been a great way to keep everything organized for myself and what I need to do before I leave, so I am going to continue this and make my plans for this week. 

-7:00am - babysitting neighbor until 8:30am - DONE
-Go to my bank, get travelers cheques and then also ask about where I can exchange currency before I leave - DONE
-If I go to the bank in Marlborough, I can go to the DSW and look at shoes, buy a pair of heels that go with skirts, maybe look at the Borders for cheap paperback books?  - DONE but need to go give back and get different ones
-E-mail mom's coworker about getting her to notarize
-Fill out living will online on mom's computer - cant... need a license etc.. have talked to parents about what I want
-Figure out if there is an appliance/whatever with batteries in it that my ipod can use on the plane to help with battery life - DONE ... there is none :(
-Thank you note to Mom-Mom 

-7:00 am - babysitting 
-5:00pm - pick up neighbor from activity

-7:00am - babysitting 
-Go to Waltham, donate old books, buy cheap books at the bookstore for the long plane ride

-Pack up everything day! 

-Dinner etc with my friends, going into Sunday morning

-get ready to leave! Possibly start Korean time? Not sure if this is possible since I have a 4 hour layover in the middle of the night Korean time... 

-Leave for Logan with mom at an impossible hour (my flight leaves at 6:30am)

... wow it really isnt that far away! 6 days, 6 hours until my flight leaves. I'll continue to update this when I've started to complete the tasks and add on new ones that I am sure that I forgot :) 


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  1. This says that this battery pack works on the iTouch ... who can believe BestBuy ....


    BTW, have you found a wall charging brick for the iTouch that works in Korea?