Monday, February 9, 2009

To-do list

There is a lot that I need to do before I go to South Korea, so I thought that I would start to write them down here so that I have a place to keep track of them all. Also, any addedPa suggestions or anything you can think of would be greatly appreciated! 

-Doctors appointment (happening tomorrow at 10:50 am)  + get tetanus shot (UGHHHH) - DONE!
-E-mail/contact dean about coming back to UMass in the Fall (due date is April, and I'll be away obviously)  - DONE! 
-Buy a larger purse that can zip (I have a very small one, and it would be helpful to have a purse I can put more things in 
-Figure out the camera situation 
-Go shopping with my sister for more clothing to wear (need to be more conservative in what I wear)
-Get info sheet regarding trip (supposed to be mailed this week) 
-Parents want me to get a living will, and a medical power of attorney. 
-Bill payer - put automatic transfers from my bank into my bank of america card every month i'm gone 
-Buy a Korean phrase book and also maybe another book about culture/etc
-Go to the really cheap bookstore Mom has talked about to buy cheap paperbacks to bring with me

That's it for now that I can think of off the top of my head.. more to come later. 


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  1. Hey Gabs- you need 1) a power of attorney for Mom and Dad in case they need to take care of anything with banks, school, etc...that would usually require your signature (this def. happened to me when I was in Russia- it was very handy); 2) a health care proxy that lists who can make decisions if you're incapacitated 3) a living will so that we know what kinds of decisions you would want made... this stuff all seems a bit silly ahead of time, but definitely better safe than sorry.

    your big Sis