Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank goodness for the Red Sox! :)

I called my bank to tell them that I would be going to South Korea so that my card wouldn't be flagged for thinking its fraud, and everything is going fine, until I get put on hold and the woman comes back and tells me that South Korea (and North Korea for that matter) are on a "country block" and my card is unusable there. There has apparently been a history of fraud and so to "protect our members" you cannot use my banks VISA card for any reason. Not as an ATM card, debit card, credit card, anything. 

Yeah. Just what I wanted to hear. Well here is where the title of the blog enters the situation. I went to a Red Sox game and decided for the heck of it to apply for a Red Sox credit card through the Bank of America to get a free blanket on a cold day. I was accepted for this credit card and use it, but then I went to a different red sox game on a different cold day and there the bank of america people were again with their blankets and I signed up for a checking account as well to get the blanket. I never thought i would use this checking account. 

Well, indeed I will be using it now that I cannot use my main bank account overseas. Yay for the red sox coming through! Had I not opened this checking account, who knows if I would have been able to open a checking account somewhere in time to get the ATM card and be able to use it abroad. 

So once again, thank goodness for the Red Sox! :) 

5 days, 9 hours! 


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