Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Semi-acceptance to South Korea!

Alright so technically I have not been officially accepted to volunteer in South Korea yet, but I got an e-mail today from the head of the organization I'm volunteering through stating this 

"Dear Gabrielle ~

Our partner in South Korea has let me know that they are now trying to place
you your 2nd choice project for the dates from 4th of March to 22th of May.
Please email me to confirm that these dates will work for you. The project
is SkoIwoMtv11-09 Haenam Center Jeonnam ~ they tell me it is one of their
best projects and that they think you will like it.
They will let me know soon if you are confirmed.

Best wishes
Amy at Volunteers For Peace"

Anyways, I know that I need to still keep my fingers crossed, but it's a positive sign! 

I have no idea what my internet will be like in South Korea, but I will try to update this blog as often as I can (I will not have my laptop with me) so you can see how things are going! 

I have to go for now, but later I will write an entry with more on what I am (HOPEFULLY) doing, where I will be, etc. 


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