Sunday, February 8, 2009

Plane tickets

Now that it is official that I am on my way to South Korea, my parents (THANK YOU!) bought my plane tickets to go to and from South Korea. I am leaving on March 2nd at 6:30am on a United flight from Logan to San Francisco, and then I have I believe a 3 hour 55 minute layover until my next flight (also United) which goes to Seoul, South Korea. It arrives in Seoul at 7:35pm the next day (local time of course). On the way home, I leave on May 23rd, arriving at Logan Airport at 8:26pm. 

My current plan is to start changing my schedule a couple days before my flight so that I am on South Korean time. South Korea is 14 hours ahead of Boston time (switch the AM to PM or PM to AM and add 2 hours). This will help me to adjust a bit faster to my new time. I am also planning on abiding by this time on the airplane if at all possible, although I just realized it will be the middle of the night during my layover in San Francisco. Oh well, I will figure it out. 

Thank you all for reading this blog, and I can't wait to share with you all my adventures in South Korea!


EDIT: Oh and the countdown right now is at 22 days, 14 hours!

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