Monday, March 16, 2009

Back in Usuyeong

Coming back from Seoul was easy, but when I arrived in Mokpo there was nobody waiting for me. Every time we went places we were dropped off and picked up, and I was not told otherwise, so I thought that it would be the same. I waited about 30 minutes thinking we were just missing each other, and then i got a call from Yi Sul asking where I was. After a little conversation I discovered I was supposed to get back to Usuyeong on my own. I grabbed a taxi and handed the phone to the taxi driver so that Ji Sul could explain how to get to Usuyeong. Taxi fare was $25 for the 30 minute drive. Not bad! Oh and they don't tip in Korea (not on food, nothing!). 

I got back, switched clothes, and we went to the middle school. It is STRANGE to have the kids sitting at desks with me in the front. I was really nervous and it was a rough first day because i had no idea what to do or how good their english was. Turns out it is 22 kids in the class ranging from 7th grade to 9th grade. We gave them common American names (names like David, etc), and taught them about the discrepancy between Korean ages and American ages, and also asking how they are. They learn really quickly which was good. 

We came back in time for dinner which was soup, and then it was time to teach the first group of middle schoolers. It turns out the "A group" is 3 kids... but they can't go at the B group time because they have something else. I taught them stuff about baseball, some of which they knew, most of which they didn't. The thing that got them most excited was seeing my ipod touch. I took it out to show them the American national anthem which i had downloaded, but they couldnt believe how exciting my ipod was! It was really funny. Their vocabulary is pretty good when discussing electronics.. just nothing else :) 

^ Me and Matias about to get onto the train to Seoul... it was his goodbye to Yi Sul (center right) and Samonim.

^ Seoul Tower .. my first glimpse!
^ Mmmmm starbucks!
^ Matias' last night we went to a place for Karaoke. it was fun!

Well I am back in Usuyeong. Saying goodbye to Matias was extremely difficult. I had a lot of fun with his mom, mom's boyfriend and him. It's hard to explain how Matias and I became so close in just the 12 days we spent together, but there's a bond thats created when you throw two people together in a country where nobody speaks your language. We were constantly talking to each other while the others were talking in Korean. But anyways we had a lot of fun together, and the 10+ weeks i have left are going to be extremely difficult without him around. 

Bye Matias!

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