Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mokpo today

Today my host parents (Moksanim and Samonim), Yi Sul, Matias and I went into Mokpo, a nearby city that i went to earlier this week to go to the lotte (its a grocery store, but its more like a target mixed with a grocery store and a costco because it has clothing, electronics, groceries, and samples that you can try!). Moksanim had some business to attend to there, and matias and samonim went to the public bathroom (its a sauna) but Ji Sul gets rashes from them so i decided to go with her around mokpo. we wanted to see a movie, but when we arrived at the cinema (its huge! .. over 6 stories) the only movies we could see were the unborn and Dragonball evolution (which i just wikipedia'd and it turns out it actually comes out in april in the US ha!). we decided to walk around mokpo and did that for a bit before we went back to the lotte and i bought some pens and we hung out at this fast food restaurant in the lotte. i got a lemonade and mozzerella sticks which were good!

We then went out to lunch (its very common to go out to eat ... happens probably every other day) at this place that nobody will believe i ate at. It was all seafood. i had crab and octopus (well a leg... and it took like 2+ minutes to finish chewing it... its tough) and shrimp. I'll eat it since i have to here, but not something im crazy about. its always good to try new foods though.
we came back from mokpo, and discovered that they are installing a shower in Matias' room! well it had a shower head, but no hot water thing so it was just cold water that came out. today they are in the process of putting in the hot water heater (i guess its like a gas heater... you turn it on and flames appear inside the box!)!! when matias leaves, yi sul and i are getting his room, so yeah we will have a shower in our room instead of having to walk down the hall to the shower in the office. Poor Matias.

In class today with the elementary school kids we worked more on the different clothing items and they are really getting it! I took some pictures of the drawings that we made to show the kids what they were. There is only one girl who really is having difficulty with this. I have worked with her twice now when we went into small groups, and I can't figure out how to help her anymore, so i talked to yi sul and matias who said that they think this is actually the first time she has ever learned english. she is very attentive in the class and is always looking straight at me and following my lead which is great. i hope we'll be able to get through to her soon!

^ Matius by our white board before the elementary school class. We were writing down all the different vocab we had been working on the past few days.

^ one of Matias' drawings with my labels on the drawing as to what everything is. it helps them to understand the terms to see it written and drawn on the board. Notice the t-shirt has "Boston" on it. It was Matias' idea he didn't even tell me he was doing it!!! I swear!!! I nearly died.

^ This is the shower attached to Matias' room. The box is where I guess the gas/whatever is that turns on the flames inside of it. It's pretty nifty but kinda weird to shower in the bathroom like that. The toilet is just off to the side out of camera range but yeah. Oh and notice the shoes right inside the bathroom door... we wear those whenever we go into the bathroom. its because the floor is always wet since the shower is right there with no boundary. Definitely something to get used to.

I have more pictures to put on, but I am now on Yi Sul's laptop and all my pictures are on the big PC in Matias' room so when i get back on that computer ill put on more.

Oh and this weekend im going into Seoul with Matias and touring the city with him and his parents. It should be fun!


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