Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dae han min guk!

I just watched Korea slaughter Venezuala 10-2, meaning that Korea is going to be in the finals on Sunday night Boston time, Monday Morning here against the winner of the Japan-USA game. How amazing would it be for it to be a Korea-USA World Baseball Classic finals?! I would have no idea who to root for, and in the end would be happy either way, although based on where I am right now I guess I would have to root for Korea. I really hope Japan doesn't win though, because Korea has played Japan 3 times already this year. Also Dice-K (a pitcher for the red sox) is pitching tomorrow against the US, which should be interesting to watch.

There are a lot of baseball fans in Korea especially where I live including my host father, so it's a lot of fun to watch here! If Korea wins it all, when I go to Seoul next weekend I will probably buy a Korea jersey :) I might anyways since they have gone so far!! It's really cool to be IN korea with this happening.

I didn't realize that Sundays were sleep-in days for me here. Last Sunday I was in Seoul, and the weekend before that it was a sleep in, but I thought it was just that one day that they wouldnt be there for breakfast. It's nice knowing that every Sunday I don't have to wake up at 7:40am.

Apparently tonight I will be able to sleep in my room, although we still can't use the bathroom. To go to the bathroom, I have to walk outside and go down to the first floor and use the bathroom there, and to shower I have to go to our hosts house. I cannot wait to be able to use our own bathroom again. It has also been hard not to be able to settle down anywhere. My first room was nice, but I knew that about a week and a half into my stay we would be switching rooms, and then right as I was getting used to the new room and where stuff went there, we had to pack everything up, and leave most of our stuff in one room while we slept in another. I will be happy to finally be able to settle in one room.

Bike riding yesterday in Mokpo was fun, Samonim (host mother) and Yi Sul rode a tandem bike while I rode on own. It was a cloudy day and windy, but still felt so good to be back on a bicycle again!

No plans for the rest of the day, tomorrow the week starts again which I am looking forward to, because the teaching has become pretty fun. The kids are really cute, and I can already start to see some progress in their english, especially in their confidence in using it. I even saw the 5 year old try to teach his 3 year old sister some english!! So cute. Pictures of Mokpo later when I can get back onto the main PC i use.


oh and dae han min guk is a cheer for Korea...almost like go korea that they chant at sports games, etc.
picture time!
^ Had a hamburger for the first time in Korea. I definitely prefer american hamburgers. the beef tasted... i dont know how to explain it but yeah definitely not something i wish i could have more of in korea.
^ The lotte which extends even farther to the left. It's like a combined grocery store, costco (there are samples of the food for you to try all over) and target because you can buy books, electronics, clothing, etc as well! There are 2 stories plus a parking garage IN the building. 
^ The movie theatre like 2 minutes walking from the lotte. 

^Not only could you ride bikes in Mokpo, but you could rent rollerblades, and little kids cars to ride, etc. Mokpo is in the background. 

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