Thursday, March 26, 2009

once again staying at a youth hostel

Well for a second time in a row i will be staying at the seoul youth hostel for at least part of my weekend in Seoul. I am getting really frustrated because this is the second time that i was told i could stay at yi sul's apartment, but now apparently on friday night her sister is having a birthday party in the apartment, so I cannot sleep there. 2 weekends ago, Yi Sul was supposed to come up to  Seoul with Matias and I, but she cancelled last minute forcing me to stay the entire weekend at the Youth Hostel. 

Having to pay for accomodations is getting really frustrating. as much as a youth hostel is cheap, its a cost that id ont want to have to pay for considering im going with someone who lives in Seoul. 

Saturday, i am going with one of Kira's friends who is in Seoul for a month and her husband to the demilitarized zone. It will be nice to be amongst americans..the first time in almost a month that this is the case. 

I'm really trying to stay calm and not get angry...but there are a lot of frustrations and misunderstandings just based on language and culture difference. My roommate seems to think that this is just me learning about Korea...and not them learning about America. I have mentioned a few times how things are different than home and explained it, and apparently she doesnt want to hear about how things work at home, that i just need to accept the Korean way immediately. 

it's going to be a long 2 months if it keeps up as it is.

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