Wednesday, March 25, 2009

conjunction junction whats your function?

Every day there are like 5+ websites that i go to... okay... probably more like 8-10 but that's okay. One of them is this website that is actually like 6ish that has pictures with funny captions about cats, dogs, celebrities, news, etc. One of the pages though is a "nostalgic page" where they post things from like the 80s and 90s which is really cool. I looked at it today, and it had "School house rock" and I was like oh wow I remember being played these to learn about conjunctions and how bills become laws in america, etc. I played the first one about conjunctions and it immediately hit me, this would be a great way to reinforce what I had been teaching my middle school students about the different part of speech! 

that link is the one for conjunctions. 

I don't think ill be able to do it in today's class because i need to figure out if we can play it in the room i use or if we need to use another classroom to use a projector/big television but next week on Monday hopefully i will be able to play it for them. 

Yay for fun ideas!


pictures of my room since it was asked of me to post :) 

^ Bathroom/shower. The box to the top is where the gas/something is that when you turn the faucet to hot it lights up with flames in that box to heat the water. 
^ My bedding is on the floor, Yi sul's is on the chair. on the floor the orange-ish whatever looking thing is what i sleep on .... its folded up because its long and takes up the entire room. the brown whatever that is inside is the blanket. i sleep on the two pillows to the right hand side. the floor looks like its wood... but its not. its fake :) 
^ Computer desk. my laundry is underneath the desk. yi sul's study area is on the left side...she has a lamp thats a lot like the one that my sophomore year of high school roommate left when she left school....makes sense considering shes korean. you can see when i sit at the computer im right by the door to the room (sliding door with frosted windows)
^ The left hand side has the wardrobe which is where i keep my suitcase. in front of it is a place where we can hang clothing and towels and such. in the middle of the picture is our own little vanity with a mirror. to the right is the door leading to our bathroom. 
^ Farther out view where you can see my computer chair, the bathroom door, vanity, and my sleeping mat corner. its a small room for 2 people sleeping on the floor. also no drawers or anything which makes things difficult. 

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