Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wow...past couple of days

Yesterday was such a high for me. A few days ago, Matius Yi Sul and I taught the elementary school kids go fish. They love that game! They had to ask "do you have a _____" and then respond with "yes i do have a ______" or "no i do not have a ______, go fish!" Sometimes the end part of that was left off, but they were really understanding it. Then yesterday surprised the three of us immensely. There is this 5 year old boy who is the brother of Che that i mentioned earlier. He is the youngest in the class by a few years, and I thought it would be hardest to teach him. Yesterday though without any aid from anyone he would say the entire line of yes or no. Everyone else would either just say yes/no and go fish, or would finish the sentence with help. Yi Sul and i looked at each other with amazement! We were so happy that he grasped the lesson so completely.

Today Matius and I were hanging out in his room and he decided to go for a walk so Yi Sul and i went with him. This "walk" turned into a huge hike! First we went all around the town to a part of the town I had not seen before with the wealthier houses. then we went by this farm, and then we started to go off the road we were walking on, and Yi sul and i followed. we proceeded to hike a LOT up this mountain-y thing. It wasn't a cleared path or anything and it was STEEP with no footholds most of the time. But then after a lot of sweat and cuts on our body we ended up at this fortress that overlooks our town. The view from there was GORGEOUS. Following are some pictures from today.

^ The fortress we hiked to.

The big white building is actually right across the road from where i am staying.

^ What a view!

This is like a 10 minute walk from where i live but still my town! Im so lucky.

OH and i found a new favourite food and it costs $0.33 !!!!!!!!!! (that is 500 won) Yes... that is right. 33 cents. It's called hotteok and yeah. I could have it every day.

Oh god... its loaded with sugar of course which is why its so good and unhealthy so yeah guess i wont be eating it every day but YUMMMMMMMMMM. the article cant even begin to describe the yummyness. ill take a picture the next time i get it.


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