Saturday, March 21, 2009

shower stuff

Well yesterday at breakfast it was kind of explained that they were going to fix the shower in my new room because the water was not really draining. They said it would be done by 3 to 4 pm so I was like cool. We left our hosts house and went back to our room, where I talked to some friends since breakfast time - lunch time seems to be the only time we have in common, and then yi sul asked me to move all our blankets to the room over from ours which led to some confusion for me. Turns out, everything in our room that was out had to be moved to the room next to ours. The desk had to be covered with a paper type of thing and yeah. It took a while to get everything out of the room. This was because they were using something that would create a lot of dust so all our stuff that was out would get this horrible dust on it.

Then it turned out that even though the bathroom would be done at 4 and we could walk into the room, we wouldnt be able to sleep there til Sunday. They were also doing allll the bathrooms upstairs (all 3) meaning we couldnt use any of the bathrooms in the center and couldnt sleep in the rooms with the bathroom, leaving just one room for us to sleep in until Sunday, the room that I teach the middle schoolers in. There is a couch which Yi Sul is sleeping in, and also a little bit of floor space for me.

This also means I cannot use the computer in our room until Sunday because the dust is still in the air meaning the paper stuff used to cover it will be taped down until then. Currently I am using the teachers computer downstairs in the center.

I really hope that the water will drain with all the inconvience that has happened. Apparently now the tiles are kinda tilted down towards the drain so that we wont have to like push the water towards the drain for 10 minutes after a shower so that the bathroom isnt filled with water (it still is wet on the floor just not standing water). This will be nice if it works. I still havent figured out the fine art of putting on pants in the bathroom without getting them wet since the entire floor is wet. Apparently you have to roll up the pants and do this whole kind of dance to keep them dry. Gotta love Korea and their showers.

Today we're going into Mokpo as the host parents heard that I love to bike, so we're going to this park where we can rent bikes and go biking around the part. im excited! Our host parents have 2 bikes that we can borrow for going around the town, but I guess we have to rent them when we go to Mokpo. I'm not as nervous as I would normally be about borrowing a bike because I am average height in Korea (believe me, its fantastic to look at someone in the eye without always having to look up at people!) so the bikes will be already set for someone of shorter height. yay!

Oh and breakfast today was like the best breafast ever. Rice, little pieces of beef, and mini hot dogs!!! Heaven!!!!!!!!!

Classes are going well. I found these 15 little books that are perfect for the upper elementary school kids as they have one sentence per page and it introduces words like "put" and "get" and "want" in a way that I can teach the words and then read the book to them. They really enjoyed it.

That's it for now....I'll try to take pictures if i can of the bike riding in mokpo although i don't know if i'll be able to or not.


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