Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some things are just too uncomfortable

I understand that part of the whole experience is trying new things and learning about a different culture etc, but there are just some things that i am not willing to do. For instance, I am not willing to eat Dog meat. I know that the previous volunteer was taken to a place where they ate dog meat soup. i really hope i am not asked to do this so that i don't have to request not to go. 

Another thing is something that just happened today. My host parents sent Yi Sul an e-mailing, asking her to write a paper/essay for their oldest daughter that is in high school in English. Yi Sul then asked me to help her translate/write the paper. I did this a week or two ago and it was already uncomfortable enough but I figured it was one essay and I was told it was "not important" etc. this time though, i find out that the daughter did not even write the essay in Korean...Yi Sul was given the subject and asked to write the paper for her. I feel bad saying no and saying I am not comfortable writing this paper for the daughter, but I just don't feel like its appropriate for a native English speaker to write a paper for someone. I have met her daughter a few times, and she barely knows any English. I understand it's hard to write a paper in a different language, but its something you need to try to do. I even said that if SHE tried to write it in english i would help to correct it, but apparently Yi Sul is willing to do it on her own. 

I just had to get that off my chest. i hope I am doing the right thing in not helping to write this paper. There are just some times you have to stand by what you believe in and this is one of those times. 


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  1. I completely understand your position- and I would have done the same. One thing that you need to understand is that in some parts of Asia, they have a very different view of plagarism, cheating, etc...Not sure about Korea for sure, but this is a definite issue with some international students who come to the US, and unwittingly get into trouble doing what was considered acceptable at home. Lots of schools now make everyone go through academic honesty training for this reason. So it's definitely important for you to do what you feel is right, just remember that for them, it may not be unacceptable in the same way that it is for you.