Thursday, March 26, 2009

last posting before Seoul i swear!

I realized that I forgot to mention where we went this morning. Apparently there was some anniversary of a church in Gangjin that my hosts were going to, so me, Yi Sul, and the other teacher who now lives in my old room came along and walked around the little city while they went to the church function. We visited the house of a famous poet named Yeongrang (that was his pen name) which was absolutely stunning so here are some pictures for you to enjoy. Spring is here!

^ A cherry blossom tree was just starting to bloom. I believe that this was my first live look at a cherry blossom. I cannot wait to see more!
^ The poets house with Yi Sul and Hyeim in front. Didn't mean for them to be in the picture but it was the best one that i took unfortunately. 
^ One of the trees starting to bloom.
^ A little road near where the poet lived. We wandered down this road before realizing we went the wrong way, but it was pretty. 
^ Bamboo! Or at least thats what they say it is.... i looked it up online and bamboo looked a little different but whatever if that was bamboo that is so cool! 

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